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Small travelogues of self has appeared in News paper "Bangalore Mirror" I am Thankful to Sri Subhash Sir for publishing the same. The URL is as under:






Here is the list of Other religious website i maintain.











My collection of Temple pictures can be found in

http://www.pbase.com/svami/melnattu_thirukkoil  & http://www.pbase.com/svami/darshanam


I Thank Dr.V.Sadagopan Mama of USA for giving me a chance to create few works for next generation

I have created Srinivasa Vybhavam a Pictorial story of Lord Srinivasa from the Paintings of Mulbhagal Temple.


I have created Chitra Dessikeeyam a Pictorial story from Paintings / Murals of Thooppul temple.


I have written a small e-book on Namakal Kshetram and Hanuman


Small Travelogue and details of Pancha Brindvans of Poorva Azagiasingars at Sri Narasimhapuram.



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Disclaimer - 1

We have given the contact details of Bhattar ( Priest ) / Committee Members etc as you will be going to Temple all the way from your place of residence, and there at the Temple will not have any facility for Food ( As many of the people will not have outside food except the Prasadam ), Accommodation, washroom etc. Hence out of good will gesture we have provided the Contact details so that you can avail the Prasadam ( Food ) etc , during the visit to particular temple and also ascertain whether the Priest will be available on the day of your visit etc. We do not know whether the temple is in Government control of Private control , so when making donation please donate the amount to Authorized person and obtain the proper receipt.

|| I am not the performer It is Lord Hari who makes me to perform ||

Disclaimer - 2

This website was started with the blessings of My Acharyan  Vaikuntavasi H H Sri Rangapriya Swami and also other Holiness of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya.

What belongs to us is given as Bhiksha (ALMS) to us by Sriman Narayana and Pirati and hence All are free to use the contents and pictures of this web site with permission. Self and my Wife Geetha Sridhar travel extensively and locate all these ancient treasure troves left by our forefathers. We have been doing this as our Social commitment to the society , since last 10 years , hence as the fruits for our hard labour if you take permission and use , we will feel delighted. Please do not generate any controversies.

Website conceived, designed & Sponsored with Blessings of Perumal, Pirati and All Acharyas of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya by Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar & Geetha Sridhar at our cost , we have no personal interest ,out of Social Service attitude we have built the websites .There is no commercial interest for us.

We directly or indirectly do not involve in any money transactions, collections in the name of religion. This humble effort is created fully out of Devotion.
We neither encourage people to contact us for any sevas in any Sri Vaishnava Temples nor for any allied worships. We strongly recommend you to contact the temple authorities / Temple Committee regarding any of your prarthanas etc and obtain proper receipts etc.

If you want to give any feedback/ suggestions kindly contact on my personal email id.Do not unnecessarily contact me and disturb in office hours ( I am not retired person) , all details are in concerned WebPages and In some cases the contact details may be old so update me so that I can correct it.

For emergency I am sharing my numbers : +91 9738859553 or 8050778093 or 9448322378